Danilo Fadda Photo Target Alghero
creative commercial photographer

Born in the beautiful Alghero in Sardinia (IT) on 23 April 1987,

always passionate about photography, a passion that soon became a job.
Sole administrator of the Target Service.

There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than doing your job with a smile, getting up early in the morning with the desire to create, propose and get involved, always have new ideas and face the day as a new challenge day by day, aiming for the result and trying to achieve it in every way.

Owner of the Photo Target Photographic Studio in Alghero in via Brigata Sassari 05

Official photographer Ajoejanet.com

Booking Photographer

- 15 May 2018, international street photograpy contest arrived in the top 100 photographers with the award-winning photo (The Accordion) organized by photographer Louis Benzell - 22,200 photographers participants

- November 15, 2018 among the top 30 out of 13,750 photographers in the photography competition organized by photographer Valeria Schmidt

- From 7 to 9 December 2018 International photography exhibition in Belgrade in the New Moment Gallery

- 14 June 2019 International Portraits exhibition opening during the Venice Biennale at Palazzo ca 'Zanardi

The key to success is to feel that your 'job' is a 'game.' You don't work to 'make a living', or to fill your time, or because society, your family or your parents expect you to. You work because it's the best game there is, the only one where you can get paid for doing what's fun.
(Michael Korda)


AT THE NUMBER: 079.9892080 or 3331627037 also on Whatsapp

MAIL: info.phototarget@gmail.com